Must Read, Must Rally

Friends, the Public Health Council is voting TOMORROW on whether Children's should be allowed to build the most expensive hospital expansion in state history. To fully understand all of what's at stake tomorrow, today's Boston Globe column by Joan Vennochi is an absolute MUST READ:

"With the blessing of Governor Charlie Baker and the city’s old guard, Boston Children’s Hospital is pushing forward with a controversial $1 billion expansion plan to construct an 11-story building, add 71 new beds, and demolish a beloved oasis called Prouty Garden. Children’s, the top-rated pediatric hospital in the country, is, of course, a great institution. But its prescription for winning state approval also features old-school Boston politics and intrigue, stirred by a dose of intimidation."

The Friends of the Prouty Garden are also friends of Boston Children's Hospital. We know the hospital is better than this. We know the top pediatric hospital is capable of making responsible upgrades to its facilities that increase their "capacity to heal" EVERYONE, without increasing healthcare costs and pricing out those who cannot afford the best care, even if they desperately need it.

If this matters to you, then we hope you will join us TOMORROW at our RALLY TO SAVE PROUTY GARDEN. 12:30 pm in front of the State House. We will then march to the Public Health Council ahead of the 2 pm vote. The will of the people will be heard. The will of 16,923 petition signers will be heard. The will of the families of BCH, the doctors and other staff of BCH, of Olive Higgins Prouty, and of world-renowned child psychologist T. Berry Brazelton, WILL BE HEARD, tomorrow in Boston.

We hope you will be part of it. RSVP here.

Preservation of a peaceful garden. Warnings about cost and other market consequences. That doesn’t matter.
Ah, business. In the end, is that what this is all about?