Keep the Faith

To all the Friends of the Prouty Garden,

Thank you for your for your moral, intellectual, financial, political and physical support of the Prouty Garden. We are disappointed that the Public Health Council voted yesterday afternoon to allow the Boston Children's Hospital's $1 billion expansion plan to move forward without any substantive or credible analysis of the consequences. 

This massive project would increase the price of hospital care, reduce competition, and expose Massachusetts consumers and taxpayers to untold millions of dollars in additional heath care costs. It would also destroy a beautiful, unique therapeutic healing garden that has given solace to generations of sick children and their families.

The supporters of the Prouty Garden will appeal this decision and look forward to a fair hearing absent political pressures that clearly influenced this decision.

In the meantime, we want to extended our deepest gratitude to all who came to our rally yesterday. We had a wonderful turnout and were able to have the voices of many heard, including a doctor, a patient, patient families, a landscape architect, and other advocates.

We want to make it clear: we are disappointed but not discouraged by the decision of the Public Health Council. We will continue to vigorously pursue this worthy cause using every other path available to us and we hope we will continue to have the support of this awesome community.

Again, thank you. As one person said at the rally yesterday, we speak for the children who cannot speak for themselves. 

For more, WBUR has a great audio and written story, along with the Globe and the Herald. You can also re-watch the live video from the rally, including all of the wonderful speeches, on our Facebook page,

We would sincerely appreciate your donations as we move forward with this fight. We cannot let, as Joan Vennochi so bravely wrote in her column this week, "old-school Boston politics and intrigue, stirred by a dose of intimidation" rule the day. Not when a sacred healing space like the Prouty Garden is at stake. 

Show the hospital that you expect them to uphold their promise that the Prouty Garden would stand as long as there are children left to heal. Donate today.