DPH Approves $1B Expansion

We are disappointed that the staff at the Department of Public Health recommended approval of the $1 billion expansion of Children's Hospital without any substantive or credible analysis of the consequences, ignoring both significant concerns raised by the state's own Health Policy Commission, and objections raised by thousands of patients, families, community members, donors and staff who comprise the Friends of the Prouty Garden.

If approved, this mammoth project would increase the price of hospital care, reduce competition, and expose Massachusetts consumers and taxpayers to untold millions of dollars in additional heath care costs. It would also destroy a beautiful, unique therapeutic healing garden that has given solace to generations of sick children and their families.

Last week we were informed that our legal case against the hospital and the department can move ahead, despite the hospital's objections. The Superior Court approved our amended complaint with new allegations against the hospital and DPH for violation of the DoN statute and DPH regulations.

We will aggressively pursue discovery activities in Superior Court, free from political pressure that has so obviously influenced this decision. In addition, we are investigating how it came to be that the DPH let BCH negotiate down the scope of the so-called Independent Cost Analysis (ICA) from what the DPH has required other hospitals to do.

Friends, our fight goes on! We need your support now more than ever. Please look out for upcoming ways to get involved on the ground, and please consider a donation!