Patients, Families and Staff, SPEAK OUT


“Because of Mrs. Prouty’s vision, this garden will exist as long as  Children’s Hospital has patients, families, and staff to enjoy it.”

Join us Monday, August 3rd, from 11AM - 1PM


300 Longwood Ave, in front of the hospital

The patients, famIlies and staff are still here . . .
Here are some of their words.


My son had leukemia & our family lived at CHB for months. The garden was our only destination. That beautiful place was an amazing light in a dark dark tunnel. -A Mom from Subdury MA

My son spent his final night in the garden. It was the first and last time he ever felt the outside air.  The garden is a place we can return to honor him. Please don’t take away one of the few sources of comfort that many grieving families share. - A Father from Wantagh NY

My daughter has spent countless days in the hospital. She is totally blind, and the only relief she gets is to go outside and feel the wind, hear the birds and feel the grass. Her siblings have spent many hours there with her here, and alone, trying to ease the pain and heartache. To destroy beauty in the name of “progress” gives me pause to consider whether or not this is the best hospital for my child and family. How can the #1 rated hospital even consider such a thing? -A Mother from Ludlow MA

During my daughter, Sierra’s 5 month in-patient treatment for AML, the Prouty Gardens were a beautiful sanctuary in which we could escape the rigors of hospital life for brief moments of fresh air and peace. Sierra enjoyed walking the paths and watching the squirrels as part of her PT.  We even danced in the new-fallen December snow at midnight, and hid valentine clues among the trees and statues. To destroy the gardens would be an incredible diservice to the children and families at Childrens, and a breach of a promise to the Prouty’s for their generous gift.  -A Father from Stratham NH

Taking away Prouty Garden would be a fatal plan. It can not be replaced with other green. It was the age and honor, and roots and wrinkles of the garden that made it strong enough to support my daughter and me through very difficult times. New construction must go somewhere else.  -Susan, Lexington MA

When my son was battling cancer and we were living in the hospital, that garden was the brightest spot in our darkest days. It was the one place we could “escape” and he could find joy in something outside of the confines of the hospital. “Thank God we have this garden” was something that came out of our mouths so many times during those very difficult years. That garden represents peace, hope and HEALING to the children and their families. Please don’t take that from them.
That garden saved us. - A Mother from Huntington NY


The living, spiritual heart of this unique children’s hospital, where I have spent my professional life as a physician. Over the years I have seen patients, families and hospital staff finding peaceful moments and restoring their strength in the garden. -John, Boston MA

As a staff physician at Children’s Hospital, I have seen the joy and mental respite that patients and families have derived from the Prouty Garden. Please preserve this priceless oasis. -Barry, Boston MA

I am able to eat dinner in the garden 3 eves a week - I see families, together enjoying peace in otherwise complicated and overwhelming days. As a staff nurse for 30 years @ BCH I can not count the number of times that I have offered the garden as a refuge and a prize --  “I know this is hard but if we get this done you can go for a ride to the garden.”  The other day I saw an email of a young family with a decanulated child the quote: “Her first breath through her mouth and nose in the Prouty Garden on a wonderful summer eve.” No matter how hard you try this can never be replaced. I am sure if there is a will there is a way to preserve the Prouty Garden. -Cate, Dracut MA

This is one of the best healing gardens in the country, and it serves an important population in a critical metropolitan area. The hospital will be doing itself and the community a HUGE disservice by destroying it. No “replacement” garden will replace what has been created here. - Naomi Sachs, ASLA, EDAC; Founding Director, Therapeutic Landscapes Network

I was a staff psychologist at Children’s for a decade and I took children and families to the garden daily. It was vital to their psychological well being during hospitalization and treatment. It is imperative that the garden be preserved. Laura, Cornwall VT

Often it is the last place we take our MSICU PTS when we withdraw care.  Parents find peace in it as its the last place their child has been alive.  Also, it is often the only time our healthier patients can be taken outside, nurse escorted. -Sandra, Peabody MA

As a nurse at the hospital, I’ve seen the joy that it brings so many children while they spend days, weeks, months, and even years as patients confined to the hospital. When I was hired 16 years ago we were given a tour and it was mentioned that this space was given to the hospital to use as a healing space and was only donated with the agreement it NEVER be built upon, what happened?? Let these kids, some who have little else to look forward to keep the one place in their hospital world that is a natural beauty. -Stephanie, Hudson NH


Obviously, “Bulldozing the garden also violates our promise to Mrs. Prouty and the intent of her generous gift.  This is a promise that must be kept. Is nothing sacred? -Karen, Natick MA

As the hospital accepted a generous gift, it needs to honor the commitment it made at the time, and not ignore its promises later when they become inconvenient. -Frank, Lancaster MA

Promises made to donors should be kept. I had planned to make a sizable donation, but this makes me wonder if my wishes will be upheld.  -Nancy, Weston MA

Mrs. Prouty’s intent is clearly displayed at the garden entrance. To dishonor her intent would jeopardize relations within the Children’s community and introduce mistrust into the minds of any potential equally generous benefactors. No space could replace the Prouty Garden. - Susan, Boston MA