Shadow Puppets on the Garden Wall

During the height of our initial fundraising, we received an email from a parent of a BCH patient. It began:

"I was so excited to hear the news about the law firm that is planning to work with your group.  Similar to other folks (who expressed this on your site), I am planning to donate to the efforts.  However, I would like to hear more about the plans; who is this law firm, is there a time-line and plan of action?"

Others have reached out with similar messages of support, and questions about the course of action. We hope our recent update regarding our work with the law firm of McGregor & Legere, PC has answered some of your questions.  As a group, we take seriously and respect every story and concern that arises, and we will be updating you along the way in whatever manner that best serves the Garden. We still need YOUR HELP, to pursue further efforts and ensure ongoing legal representation, and have raised our fundraising goal to $50,000 after careful consideration. Please consider supporting our efforts to keep the Prouty Garden alive.

We also would like to continue to share stories when we have them, to remind us all of the NECESSITY of this beautiful Garden. We urge you to please share on social media if you feel so inclined.  Its July, and the Garden is still alive, beautiful, and well . . .

Good Morning,

I am supporting your work, as I came to know the Prouty Garden last September when my daughter, Bela, was admitted for what turned out to be a very treatable case of Osteomyelitis (infection in the bone of her leg).  However, she was inpatient for six days, and there was a period of time when she was first admitted, when the doctors were ruling out bone cancer.  Needless to say, it was a stressful time for Bela, who was only four at the time, as well as for our whole family.  I heard about the garden from the "play ladies" and got down there as soon as possible.  What a treasure, I thought, and when can I get Bela down here??!!!

As soon as she was able to walk, we loaded up her tiny walker with some stuffed animal friends, unhooked the IV, and headed down to the garden. She was absolutely watch the bunnies, see other kids and families, introduce her stuffed animal friends to the different garden statues, laugh and be out of the hospital setting.  At one point, we took a seat in the small garden structure in the corner by the giant redwood...watched the fire flies and used the dark night and the flashlight in my phone to have a shadow puppet show on the garden wall.  Bela laughed, our hearts filled with joy and relief to have this special moment.

Having grown up in Center City Philadelphia, but always having a love of gardens and open spaces, I was amazed to find this treasure.  Am I correct in saying no other major children's hospital in the US has such a space for their staff and patients?  My father was an architect and historian, so I was also impressed that the garden had been designed by Olmsted Brothers' firm.

So, when I heard there were plans to remove the garden for more hospital buildings...I was beyond shocked and began paying attention to your group's efforts.

How could such a world class institution not realize their duty to maintain such a treasure, and to abide by the terms of the Trust created with the Prouty family?  I have been actively involved in my family's small charitable foundation in Cleveland, Ohio and worked in the non-profit world for most of my professional could the Children's Hospital's Board of Directors break the terms of this trust? And how could the Landmark commission not identify this as a TRUE Boston Landmark, especially in light of it's designers place in Boston history?

Your group absolutely has our family's full support and I definitely plan to donate to your efforts and make myself available for any events I can attend.  Although I was not able to be there for the rally due to work responsibilities, I was with you in spirit and in solidarity!

-Kate, parent of Bela (Bedford, MA)