Upholding Integrity

Today news broke that our Ten Taxpayer Group is suing the state over the state's refusal to provide documents requested under the Public Records Law. The legal team has reason to believe the there may be a connection between the state's approval of the hospital's plan and the hospital's participation in a new pilot program around the same time.

From the BBJ:

"According to Gregor McGregor, an attorney for the plaintiff who has also been a spokesperson for the group opposing Boston Children’s Hospital expansion, the group is seeking several documents related to the state’s communications around the Boston Children’s Hospital state approval — also called a Determination of Need, and communications relating to the state’s desire to have Boston Children’s Hospital join a pilot program for MassHealth to care for patients on a budget.

"McGregor said he’s still hopeful that the garden could be restored, or at the very least that the decision to approve the project would be rescinded.

“(My clients) want the integrity of (state’s approval process) upheld,” McGregor said. “They want the agency to review under its jurisdiction the project with no exceptions, and… this is designed to daylight how this went down. We’ll see what the facts lead to.”