The Power of Prouty Garden

Here is a wonderful poem sent to us by a the mother of a former Children's patient. In her note to us, Paula wrote, "My daughter battled cancer for over two years before her death in 2013. Over that two year period she spent many days at Boston's Children's Hospital for hydration, fevers, pneumonia, etc. We were there almost on a weekly basis for several days. Our longest stay spanned over two weeks. The Prouty Garden was an oasis in the midst of this medical crisis."

Paula also sent this audio recording of the poem, which is wonderful to listen to as you follow along with the written words. Thank you Paula, for sharing your gifts in honor of Prouty and your dear daughter. 

The Power of Prouty Garden
By Paula Skelley

All night I hear machines hum and beep
At Boston Children’s Hospital it’s hard to sleep
My daughter has cancer; she will die
There’s only one place I can go to cry
I run to the garden, catch my breath
I go to Prouty, escape impending death
Now white coats and machines seem far
I didn’t have to leave, or get in my car
To find a safe place to let out hot tears
To calm myself in nature--release my fears
Peace, trees, grass and flowers
I used to bring my child here for hours
We’d look at blue skies and feel a cool breeze
It’s the one hospital place we’d feel at ease
That’s the power Prouty Garden provides
A place a child can breathe after being stuck inside
The garden at Children’s is like the Commons in Boston
A place to play, to imagine and get lost in
When a child’s hospitalized for days, months and years
A garden is needed for giggles and cheers
My Lydia loves to hear the birds sing
It helps her forget the chemo and the needle’s sting
Fighting cancer is full of strife
Prouty Garden improves our life

In Memory of Lydia Valdez