So Goes the Soul of the Hospital

OVER 100 Healthcare Providers Sign Petition Opposing Destruction of Prouty Garden

100 + and counting members of the Boston Children's Hospital clinical staff, including some of its most prominent and long-serving physicians, oppose destroying the Prouty Garden to make way for a new clinical building. 

Not only have these doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers witnessed the healing benefits of the Prouty Garden firsthand with their own patients, but they feel the hospital failed to draw upon the experience of its staff - its most valuable resource - in making what they call a "corporate conclusion."

"Prouty Garden is a precious asset that stands as an affirmation of the deep compassion of Boston Children’s Hospital. It is the deep clinical wisdom that arises from this compassion that has been left out of the hospital's decision to destroy the Prouty Garden.”
Numerous BCH staff have collected signatures for the petition, which was initiated by Doctors Stephen Gellis, John Mulliken, and Robert Petersen. Their petition, and all signatures, may be found below.

Read the entire petition and view all signatures here

The Petition is Still Growing - Sign Today!

BCH staff wishing to sign the petition may still email us at saveprouty (at) gmail (dot) com to be added to the growing petition.