In Honor of Mother's Day


On this Mother's Day, thoughts turn to the beloved Prouty Garden at Boston Children's Hospital- a timeless emerald oasis that uplifts children, families and staff. The garden heals regardless of diagnosis or ability to pay; it is irreplaceable and as vital now as ever.

Mrs. Olive Higgins Prouty endowed the garden as a memorial to her two daughters, Anne and Olivia, both of whom she lost in their early childhood. Mrs. Prouty transformed her searing grief into something magnificent. The thousands who tread its paths feel, deep down, they are not alone. The embodiment of a mother's love, the garden is timeless and comforts unconditionally.

As the battle rages whether to preserve the sanctuary or erect a new building, let us be inspired and guided by Mrs. Prouty's motherhood, vision and generosity. Let’s not trample on her legacy or sacrifice our humane values, in the name of progress. It is NOT too late to unify as a community to select an alternative site. Sadly, the garden is partially closed and shackled with construction equipment, threatening the garden's survival and creating unspeakable anxiety and insecurity for children and families who need the vital healing asset. We can do better, we must.

Elaine C. Meyer, PhD, RN
Institute for Professionalism and Ethical Practice
Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School
401 626-0678

Barry Prizant, PhD
Brown University