Another Day in Prouty Garden

Here is a list of observations sent in to us by an ardent Prouty Garden supporter just yesterday. When we read this, we get a sense of just how big and immersive the garden is, large enough for all of these individuals and small groups to have space to process, to escape, to heal.

And, when we read this, we can see just how vitally important the Prouty Garden is to the hospital; in fact, it seems to be the very beating heart of the hospital itself. We may all recognize ourselves in these vignettes. We are that mother. That child. That employee. And we need the Prouty Garden.

I'm visiting the garden now (about 11:15 am) and here is what I observe:

A young toddler picking up sticks and dropping them into a little garden grate. The little boy is laughing and delighted; his father watches patiently and follows him around.

A mother sits in the sunshine with her infant who is in a car seat mounted in a wheelchair. The baby has IV medicine infusing. The bench is surrounded by flowers and they are watching and listening to the otter fountain.

Two women are sitting at a table, one of them rocking an infant who is all bundled up. She is sitting quietly, speaking with a nun who is all dressed in white.

A young couple is pushing a stroller with their boy-girl twins around and around the paths.

A young woman who appears to be a physician is giving a tour of the garden to some fellow colleagues. She takes them to the Dawn Redwood and they pause to talk.

An older gentleman is seated at a sunny table reading a book.

Two female physicians are strolling through the garden paths, talking together. They stop to look at the chrysanthemums.

A hospital employee dressed in blue scrubs and sneakers walks out into the garden, folds his arms, and just stands gazing at the lawn and fountain. He seems to be enjoying the brief respite.

A hospital employee sits on the patio with his clipboard and checks his phone.

An environmental service employee is pushing a cart with supplies. As he pushes, he looks upon the green lawn.

Several sets of hospital staff members sit together on the patio eating their early lunches and talking. There are about 20 people here on the patio with more coming in.

Rounding the corner in the private upper part of the garden, a young couple spreads a blanket for their little one who lays on her back and gazes up at the sky. 

Honestly, this is sacred space.