A Window Into Prouty Garden

Great news, Prouty friends! The Friends of the Prouty Garden is now on Instagram, user name: saveprouty. 

We plan to use this channel to show you more pictures from the Garden, so that those who may be inpatient can be reminded of its beauty until they, too, can go visit.  It is also vital as we get down to the wire, that we continue our efforts to let more people know and understand reasons why the Prouty Garden is ‘different,’ why it is irreplaceable.  

Just as the famed ‘Humans of New York’ has impressively given the world a window into humanity, we hope that we can give others an authentic, visceral understanding of how the Prouty Garden affects people, children, families.  

So often, those who really know the healing power of Prouty Garden find it hard to explain how it differs from other “greenspace.”  Patients, families, doctors and nurses have faced pain, isolation, uncertainty, and fear in ways that many people may never have to contend with.  We hope that with individual perspectives and photos, we can reach more people and in turn they will gain an understanding about what this “Prouty Garden issue” is all about.  And hopefully, they’ll want to help too.

The past month has brought us more press and more interest than any previous time, and that is a direct result of your unrelenting efforts to spread the word and support us.  We understand that photos and names may be sensitive, and we respect anyone’s choice not to contribute. We can also not include names, or use a photo without any faces in it if you have one and would prefer that. What matters is showing your individual perspective and a little bit about your time in the Prouty Garden. 

Here is a great example. Cynthia, mom to Joey, was kind enough to send us a few great pics of adorable Joey in the garden, along with a bit about their story.  We are so thankful for their willingness to share, and wish them the best in their continued journey at Children’s.

Please send us your Prouty pictures for Instagram at: proutyinstagram@gmail.com. 

Thank you, as always, for your support!