READ: New York Times story on Prouty

Today the Prouty Garden and the growing controversy over the hospital expansion received national coverage in the New York Times.

Reporter Abby Goodnough writes:

To make room for the expansion, the hospital wants to bulldoze Prouty Garden, a serene half-acre green space at the center of its campus. A group of doctors and patients’ families are campaigning fiercely to save the 60-year-old garden, saying its value to sick and dying children and their families is irreplaceable.
“In a building full of monitors and beeping and probing staff, it’s a place you can go to just get away from all of it,” said Gus Murby, who took his 17-year-old son to the garden to die after a second bone marrow transplant for leukemia failed. “And that’s huge.”
More than 16,000 people have signed a petition supporting the campaign, including the biologist E .O. Wilson and the pediatrician T. Berry Brazelton, who worked at the hospital for decades.
"But while the garden has a powerful emotional tug, the group has also raised a practical question: Will a bigger, higher-tech hospital thwart state and national efforts to get spiraling medical costs under control?"

This last question about keeping health care costs down is crucial. It's why this is about the Prouty Garden — and about so much more than the garden. 

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All of these recent efforts, the Brazelton radio ad, this New York Times piece, came about thanks to the time and dedication of several teams of people.

But we need your help to keep going. Help us raise awareness. Help us raise funds. There's so much you can do if you love the Prouty Garden and recognize the critical role it plays in healing at BCH, a role which cannot be replicated by small, artificial pocket gardens and harsh rooftop spaces.

Thank you all!