Prouty Petition Hits 15,000 Signatures

Great news! Our petition, started more than four years ago, has reached a critical milestone of 15,000 signatures. This comes at an important time as the Department of Public Health will be considering the hospital's expansion proposal in the weeks and months ahead. 

What's more, we were able to secure the last approximately 1,000 signatures in just ONE DAY due to the fervent support of our family. 

BUT we still have more work to do! The next big petition milestone is a huge one - 25,000 signatures. Let's show the DPH, and the hospital, that we are not backing down. That this critical healing space cannot be lost. That there is a tidal wave of people who care about this. 

Please, tell your neighbors, your coworkers, your cousins, everyone you know, about the Prouty Garden. And when they ask how they can help, tell them to visit this website and our TAKE ACTION page. They can sign the petition, donate to our efforts, and for the next two days, they can write the DPH and tell them their concerns about the expansion and the loss of Prouty Garden. 

Thank you for all your support! We could not have reached this milestone without you.