The Immeasurable Value of Prouty Garden

Boston Globe columnist Thomas Farragher has published another powerful column on the Prouty Garden. He calls attention to the fact that at least one child's ashes are scattered there and truly underlines what we mean when we say: this is hallowed ground.

We know how much it will cost to bulldoze the Prouty Garden so Children’s Hospital can construct its new building on top of it.

But how do you put a price tag on a place where two generations of sick children escaped their hospital beds to chase rabbits across the green lawn, to sit in the shade of a redwood tree, to laugh under a warm sun as the water from fanciful fountains splashed in the summer wind?

How can state officials calculate the worth of the land consecrated with the ashes of David Horton? How can Boston Children’s Hospital assess the cost of abandoning its promise — made 60 years ago — that the Prouty Garden would be a refuge for its little patients for as long as the hospital was working to heal them?

How can anyone place a value on something like that? They can’t. It’s immeasurable.

Please read his column, comment on it, share it with everyone you know, and plan to attend the hearing THIS THURSDAY. The Prouty Garden must be saved - and you can help us do it!