"Sacred Space:" Our Latest Full Page Ad

This week, the Friends of the Prouty Garden published the attached full-page advertisement in the Boston Globe, highlighting the difficult, yet necessary conversation about the Prouty Garden as a "Sacred Space." Renowned pediatrician T. Berry Brazelton lends his support for our beloved Proutya healing space that is a haven not only for children and families who get well, but for those who have had to say goodbye.


Please see the full-page ad in its entirety here.

We are deeply thankful to those who share their stories on this matter, and hope that you will help us as we aim to step up our efforts to spread the word.  We encourage all of you to use your voices and mobilize your networks of family, friends, and colleagues, by sharing our Facebook and Twitter posts, so that everyone can be aware of these stories, and of the Prouty's far-reaching significance.