Here is a poem sent into us by a patient's grandfather to mark the passing of the Dawn Redwood. In his note he said, "I just had to do something to channel my grief. The photo was taken the last time I was in the garden a couple of months ago."



Did you really think I would live forever

in the beginning, I thought so

I was so special, or so they told me

and much was given to me

Sun, rain, caring, laughter, tears— time

Almost too much Beauty to bear

I was insecure                    

But I grew on you

And I gave much, or so they said. 

You took me back home with you, to your dark, noisy places,

You kept me secure until you returned

again and again

This lasted a long time


Do you remember the last time we met—

When you gazed up at me

And we agreed this might be the last time for us


You were sad, well,

not sad, but contemplative

And I said, “it will be okay”


because we had entered into each other’s spaces for far too long,

It might be




-Brian Greenberg