Tone Deaf

We got a look today at how the hospital wants to "honor" Prouty with part one of their two-part "Honoring Prouty Garden" event. The results are more tone deaf than we could have imagined: coffee and donuts on the patio and a series of signs throughout the garden explaining exactly how it will be dismantled. 

Here is the perfect example of how NOT to honor a sacred garden. If BCH was so concerned with honor, they might start with honoring their promise to Olive Higgins Prouty that the garden would remain "As long as there are patients, families and staff to enjoy it." Our hearts break for the young patients wandering the garden today who have to read these signs.

A supporter wrote in:

 "Tom Farragher's description of the tinkling champagne flutes and silver platters was swirling in my head. While others were clustered around the food and art activities, some of us held a private vigil. 

The "HONORING" event is incredibly strange. A magnificent garden with white placards of how it will be dismantled. In some cases it says where plants have already been relocated to. Under the shelter of the now golden Dawn Redwood, it was at once magical, peaceful, and deeply disturbing.

One man turned his back to the tree and wept."


1. Come to part two of this event, tomorrow afternoon from 3-7 pm in the garden, wear your pins and talk to anyone who will listen about how vitally important this garden is.

2. Write to Sandy Fenwick and Kevin Churchwell expressing your disappointment with how they've chosen to "honor" Prouty Garden. 
Sandy Fenwick:
Kevin Churchwell:

3. Donate to our cause. Please, we need you. The garden may close very soon, but even if it does, our fight to put pressure on the hospital, our appeal and our lawsuit, all of these things will continue and we need your help urgently.

The hospital administration may believe a few signs and donuts will be enough to quell the thousands of us who are outraged over closing this sacred healing garden. Let's show them they have only fueled our fire.