Welcome aboard!

Hello and welcome. We are so glad you're here. This website is dedicated to the thousands of patients, families, staff and friends of Boston Children's Hospital who have found healing and respite in the beloved Prouty Garden.

The Prouty Garden is so much more than a park or green space. It is so dear to so many people because it provided joy and comfort in one of the most trying and defining periods of their lives. 

We are here to share the stories of the Prouty Garden, and to give those who support it a place to come and work together to find a solution that does not involve demolition of one of the most historic and beloved healing gardens in America.

But we need your help. Yes you! We need you to share your story. We need you to sign the petition. We need you to join our mailing list. We need you to help spread the word.

Get involved and help us preserve the Prouty Garden for the future patients, families and staff of Boston Children's Hospital.

Once it is lost, it is lost forever.