The Prouty Garden reveals the powers of simple nature, rain or shine, to improve the human condition and soothe the human spirit.

For many of us, children, families and staff alike, it is where we learn the power of listening and stillness, the joy of rebirth, and the hope that the sun will indeed rise again.

Here are some real stories, memories, and letters of support from patients, families and staff over the years. 

Please read over 250 pages of comments from the Petition here.

We have collected all of the moving stories shared with us over the years in the Prouty Storybook.

This compilation of selected patient and family stories eloquently illustrates how important the Prouty Garden has been for people who have come to Children's. 

Please take the time to read and share these important stories. For each story you read, there are hundreds more experiences just like it. Many patients have drawn their last breaths in the Prouty Garden; still more have drawn the first breaths of the rest of their lives there.

The Prouty Garden has comforted frightened children, consoled grieving parents, and restored depleted caregivers.

These are the patients, families and providers that Boston Children's Hospital will be turning their backs on with the destruction of the Prouty Garden.

Juniper's Story


A baby girl breathes fresh air and feels sunshine for the first time in Prouty Garden during her three-month hospital stay after birth. 

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A lifelong cystic fibrosis patient finds inspiration, healing, & a restorative connection to nature over her 30 years at Children's.

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A Florida mother finds solace in the garden while her baby boy undergoes an invasive and life-changing surgery. 

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In the 1960s, a girl from Colombia undergoing multiple orthopedic surgeries would say goodnight to each statue in the garden. 

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