About Saving Prouty Garden

Established in 1956 with a promise to exist "as long as there are patients, families and staff to enjoy it," Prouty Garden, the healing garden at the heart of Boston Children's Hospital, became ground zero for a billion-dollar expansion in 2012.

What began as an online petition to preserve the garden blossomed into a four-year movement that encompassed advocacy, public vigils, widespread media attention and appeals to the hospital's administration and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

The story speaks to the vital role of nature in healing, and is told by the people who make up Friends of the Prouty Garden, as well as doctors, patients, family members, staff, clergy, historians, politicians, and experts in healing gardens, health care and pediatric wellness.

The film explores the history of Prouty Garden and its benefactor, Mrs. Olive Higgins Prouty, and provides a sobering look at how the economics of health care can undermine the sacred values of the medical profession.